Welcome to Foodsharing Luxembourg.

Photo by Bertrand Berhin

Foodsharing Luxembourg is an environmental non-profit organisation (a.s.b.l.), which consists of volunteer members, whose vision is that all edible foods in Luxembourg are consumed. In Luxembourg alone, an average of 147 kg per person ends up in the bin each year. These foods, however, contain valuable resources, working hours as well as often long transport routes and money. By rescuing, valuing and recycling these foods, we create a positive impact for the climate and society equally.

Foodsharing Luxembourg at a glance:

If you want to actively join us, then register as a member. If you want to help us comfortably from home, we are happy about your donation. Thank you for your support!

During 2010 – 2016, global food loss and waste equalled 8-10% of total GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions.

IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land, August 2019 (Chapter 5)

Food waste in Luxembourg

147 kg per person per year in Luxembourg
| 91 kg household
| 17 kg manufacturing
| 14 kg restaurants and services
| 14 kg retail and other distribution
| 12 kg primary production

(2020, Eurostat 2022)

Foodsharing Luxembourg

104 Store cooperations
681 Members
323 Foodsavers
over 550 t of food rescued
3 Foodsharing Points



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