Distribution Days

We save unwanted food in big quantities that you can come and get for free every week at our Distribution Days across the country.

Our members of Foodsharing Luxembourg are saving food that was supposed to be thrown away and distribute it for free to everyone no matter their financial and social situation.
This food might be a bit odd because it did not meet the right criteria for the supermarkets; it does not have the right size, shape or colour, has some little damages or is just past its date. But this doesn’t mean this food is not edible anymore. On the contrary!
All the food derives from supermarkets that preferred to donate it to our association instead of having it thrown away. You can also bring your own food that you don’t need or want anymore. Help us save these foods! Everything is for free.

– We open the doors at the exact time as announced.
– Better come a bit earlier before we open.
– Come in and take what you need for your household.
– Bring your own bags.
– Think about those who are behind you in the waiting line.
– Please consider that we get different amounts of food every week. The quantities can therefore vary.

Distribution Days

FB event
Mondays from 18.00 to 19.00

Old place of the Judo Club, Jugendhaus
10 Grand Rue

Distribution Days

FB event
Wednesdays from 18.00 to 19.00

Centre Culturel ‘Am Duerf’ 8, Rue du Village L-6140 Junglinster

Distribution Days

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Fridays from 20.00 to 21.00

Sall ‘Am Keller’, 3 rue de l’école, Dahlem/Garnich
49°35’56.3″N 5°56’42.5″E

Distribution Days
Some Saturdays at 10:00

Vewa (4, place Thierry Van Werveke, Dudelange)
Distribution Days

FB event
Some Saturdays at 10:00

45 Wäistrooss
L-5440 Remerschen

Pass by if you need food. Everyone is welcome!