Group Agreement – Political Work

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This document is a translation of the original group agreement in German [PDF]. In case of ambiguities or mistranslations, the original document in German is the valid reference for the group functioning.

1. Intention


We analyse the current situation of food loss and waste and, in cooperation with public and political authorities, achieve sustainable improvements in the relevant legislation.


  • Bridging the gap between organisation and policy (aka. practice and theory)
  • Elaboration of political demands
  • Interviews or internal consulting in preparation for interviews in political orientation
  • Development of political campaigns


There is a food waste law in Luxembourg by 2026 at the latest, which contributes to reducing 55% of food waste in the EU by 2030.


  • Establish demands and also publicise them internally
  • Contact and negotiate with external partners such as NGOs, ministries and other groups

History of changes

  • 24.10.2022
    • Added: definition of the intention