Group Agreement – Workshops

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This document is a translation of the original group agreement in German [PDF]. In case of ambiguities or mistranslations, the original document in German is the valid reference for the group functioning.

1. Intention


Offer workshops to spread knowledge about the food waste problem and about solutions you can do on an individual basis adapted to the participants’ age through non-formal learning.


  • Offer workshops in schools, in companies, for multiplicators and for the general public.
  • Develop and document new teaching methods.


  • Workshop attendees gain a deep understanding of the food waste issue and know how to tackle this issue starting at home.
  • Develop a strategy to make this activity financially sustainable.


  • Handle requests of and get in touch with entities interested in having workshops- no need to ask communcation to deal with this and so we can be contacted directly.
  • Create invoices for workshops held.
  • Pay the teachers with the income they produce.
  • Get training needed to develop their teacher skills – if required
  • Give 20% of income back to the whole association.

History of changes

  • 26.01.2023
    • Added: definition of the intention