Members and Foodsavers

What can I do as a member?

Are you a new member and want to know what else you can do other than becoming a Foodsaver?

Become a Foodsaver
  • become a member
  • do 3 trial pick-ups

What can I do as a Foodsaver?

  • Sign up at (after 3 trial pickups)
  • Save food on our cooperation partners
  • Distribute saved food
  • Be in charge of a cooperation partner
  • Create new cooperations

Remember that Foodsharing is an association built by volunteers that welcomes new ideas and proposals. Written here is a list of activities that you can help with, however, new activities might come up, and they can be proposed by any of our members, including you.
  • Help plan and organize events
  • Help and be present at events
  • Help new members by participating in our information meetings
  • Help take care of a Foodsharing Point
  • Help at cooking events
  • Help translating and proofreading

and much more!