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Foodsharing Luxembourg a.s.b.l. consists of volunteer members, who are committed to fight against food waste. In Luxembourg alone 124 kilos per person end up in the bin each year. These foods, however, contain valuable resources, working hours as well as often long transport routes and money. By saving, valuing and recycling these foods, we are giving them a second chance.

Foodsharing Luxembourg at a glance:

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During 2010 – 2016, global food loss and waste equalled 8-10% of total GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions.

IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land, August 2019 (Chapter 5)

Food waste in Luxembourg

124 kg per person per year in Luxembourg
| 72 % private households
| 11,2 % large kitchens
| 9 % gastronomy
| 7,3 % commerce

Foodsharing Luxembourg

9 store cooperations
100 Members
47 Foodsavers
over 246 Foodsaving pickups
over 2769 kg rescued Food

(September 2020)


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