Foodsharing Luxembourg is an environmental volunteer-run non-profit organisation (a.s.b.l.) whose vision is that all edible foods in Luxembourg are consumed. One-third of the food produced globally is currently wasted. The association fights food loss and waste by supporting the quick exchange of food that would be thrown away. Foodsharing Luxembourg wants that by raising awareness of this issue and its impacts on the climate, environment, and society, and by pushing for a systematic change this will dramatically reduce the quantities being wasted.

Food loss and waste

Huge global issue

One third of all food produced worldwide is not consumed. The resources contained, such as labour hours, water, transport, etc., are thus equally wasted.

147 kg per person per year in Luxembourg

  • 91 kg household
  • 17 kg manufacturing
  • 14 kg restaurants and services
  • 14 kg retail and other distribution
  • 12 kg primary production

(2020, Eurostat 2022)

Impact on climate

During 2010 – 2016, global food loss and waste equalled 8-10% of total GHG [greenhouse gas] emissions.

IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land, August 2019 (Chapter 5)



We pick up and redistribute food that is still edible and would be thrown away from businesses and other organisations, if not taken by charities.

Foodsharing Points

We provide public places where everybody can place and take food free of charge.

Foodsharing sicht däin Input

Political Work

We analyse the current situation of food loss and waste and want to achieve sustainable improvements in the relevant legislation, in cooperation with public and political authorities.

Erasmus+ project

Within the context of the Erasmus+ “Sharing food without borders” with the Foodsharing movement from Belgium and Germany, several events are organised, such as the barcamp and festival “International Foodsharing Collab”.


Associations statistics

795 members
3 Foodsharing Points
uncountable people educated about the issue


Foodsaving project statistics

65 store cooperations
360 Foodsavers
over 245 t of food rescued in 2023
over 756 t of food rescued in total
over 5 similar initiatives inspired


What you can do

Photo by Bertrand Berhin

Start at home

Everybody can start stopping food waste at home. A positive side effect is saving money.

Join us

We are a volunteer-run organisation and are happy to welcome new motivated people. Sign up and join one of our information sessions announced in the right sidebar.

Support us financially

You can also support us by donating money to cover our running costs. Thank you for your support!

Foodsaving cooperations

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