Our story

After their studies in Germany, a handful of friends asked themselves why does foodsharing (i.e. the organised saving of food) not exist in Luxembourg yet. In Germany, they had come across a sophisticated system with thousands of active volunteers in the association “Foodsharing Deutschland”. Since most food laws are harmonised at the European level, they said to themselves that this should be possible also in Luxembourg. They were quickly joined by a few more who were interested in the topic or knew the German principle from the media.

From December 2018 on, regular meetings were held to prepare the foundation of an association. Particularly important to the group was the positively formulated vision that all edible food be consumed in Luxembourg, as well as the incorporation of their values, such as respect, reliability and a sense of responsibility. In this sense, the statutes and the group agreement were elaborated.

The structure of the association has been adapted to the conditions of Luxembourg and a non-hierarchical interpretation. All processes are based on the principle of sociocracy, a participatory organisational method. The association “Foodsharing Luxembourg” was finally officially founded in mid-August 2019 with 7 members. As a first major action, in September of the same year, it was possible to cook at a large climate demo with food that had been saved at several farms. The first regular cooperation started in October 2019 with an organic food store in Luxembourg City.

As of May 2022, there are 107 collaborations with food businesses where food is picked up on a regular basis. The association has experienced strong growth with 545 volunteers and three “Foodsharing Points”. These public refrigerators and shelves for private swaps are located in Esch-Alzette, Lintgen and Luxembourg City. The association also organises “Distribution Days”, regular public distribution events, in Beaufort, Dahlem/Garnich, Dudelange and Junglinster. The association is supported by the municipalities. Other partners are the NGO Frères des Hommes and the European Solidarity Fund of the EU. These organisations provide financial and material support.

One innovation in 2022 is the presence of the association in “Bâtiment 4” in Esch/Alzette – a collective managed by numerous groups, which can now be used for storage and activities. Thanks to the participatory structure of the association, now there are autonomous groups that can develop their own food rescue projects, such as the Cantine Syrienne in Esch-Alzette. This lively activity and diversification has enabled more than 300 tons of food to be rescued since its inception.

Last updated: May 2022