Group Agreement – Communication

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This document is a translation of the original group agreement in German [PDF]. In case of ambiguities or mistranslations, the original document in German is the valid reference for the group functioning.

1. Intention


To communicate the food loss and food waste issue and Foodsharing activities internally and in the public domain


  • Responsible for the social media channels
  • Responsible for the website
  • Building and maintaining relationships with other stakeholders
  • Increasing the level of awareness of our association
  • Media coverage
  • Design of print media
  • Installation and maintenance of platforms
  • Support of the other members in case of technical problems when using the platforms


  • Raise public awareness of what we do, our vision, mission and aims using our brand identity
  • Giving interviews to press with science-based data on the food loss and waste issue
  • High availability of our communication platforms and website
  • Supporting other circles to get their voice heard
  • Improving the association’s internal communication and taking care of the netiquette, excluding conflict resolution


  • Manage all social media accounts, our website and general email account 
  • Building and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders and connecting them with relevant people in our association
  • Creation of media, such as flyers, stickers and banners

2. Sub circles

IT Management


To facilitate the internal and external communication and organisation through IT systems


  • Installation and maintenance of website and communication platforms
  • Being in touch with the developers of the IT systems for solving issues and requesting features 
  • Supporting members with technical problems when using the platforms


  • Deciding on which platforms to use based on feedback from everybody else

3. Roles

Circle and Role Visualiser

  • Visualising circles and roles
  • Keeping visualisation up to date based on updates sent by others

E-Mail Checker

  • Taking care of e-mails on and forwarding requests to respective roles or circles

Facebook Manager

  • Responsible for Facebook
  • Take care of messages and forward requests to respective roles or circles

Instagram Manager

  • Responsible for Instagram
  • Take care of messages and forward requests to respective roles or circles

Mail Checker

  • Pick up mails at the physical address of the association
  • Digitalise mails and put them onto Google Drive
  • Forward mails to respective roles or circles

Web Editor

  • Responsible for website
  • Updating numbers on homepage regularly

Who is Who Manager

  • Keeping who is who document up to date
History of changes
  • 09.10.2023
    • Added: mission, goals and domain
  • 30.08.2023
    • Added: IT Management circle
    • Added: all roles