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Foodsharing Luxembourg was one the organisers of the International Foodsharing Collab weekend. There was a barcamp for the international Foodsharing movement in the SNJ center in Marienthal and some workshop for the public at the Kolla x Mersch festival last weekend from the 18th to the 20th August 2023.

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Food Appreciation and Rescue Workshops at the Kolla x Mersch Festival

According to the ILRES survey on food waste in Luxembourg of September 2022 [1], a large part of the population has the desire to waste less food. The only thing is that people often do not know how to achieve this. Foodsharing Luxembourg and the Foodsharing Akademie are offering free interactive workshops on the weekend of 19 and 20 August at the “Kolla x Mersch” festival in Merscher Park.

With various activities on the topic of food appreciation and food rescue, the food rescuers want to reach a broad audience there. On Saturday, there will be an introduction to the global context of food waste, an information event by Foodsharing Luxembourg and a film screening of “Taste the Waste” followed by a discussion. On Sunday, the day will start with a snipping disco. Everyone can join in and chop vegetables and fruit, which will be prepared on site and offered to everyone. In between, you can watch a juggler and learn to juggle yourself. This will be followed by a workshop on racism issues in the context of food rescue initiatives and another info session by Foodsharing Luxembourg.

You can find the exact programme with names of speakers, times and languages on our project page:

Around one third of all food produced worldwide is not consumed [2]. The resources it contains, such as labour hours, water, transport, etc., are thus equally wasted. This has devastating effects on the environment and the climate. According to a March 2023 study from the journal Nature Food, food loss and waste was responsible for 9.3 gigatonnes of CO2e in 2017 [3]. This corresponds to almost one third of the total global CO2 emissions in that year and almost the CO2 emissions of the USA and the EU together! For this reason, among others, it is also the declared goal of the United Nations to halve food waste and loss worldwide by 2030.

The latest figures from Eurostat on the problem in Luxembourg speak of an average of 147 kg of wasted food per person per year [4]. Two thirds of this occurs at home. Luxembourg is thus clearly above the already high EU average of 127 kg. There are effective solutions along the value chain, many of which could be implemented relatively easily by politicians, businesses and private households.

Foodsharing Luxembourg is a non-governmental organisation (a.s.b.l.) composed of over 700 volunteer members. The vision is that all edible food in Luxembourg is consumed. The volunteers fight food loss and waste by supporting the rapid exchange of food that would otherwise be thrown away. By raising awareness of this issue and its impact on the climate, the environment and society, and by driving systematic change, Foodsharing Luxembourg aims to drastically reduce waste.

The project partner Foodsharing Akademie aims to raise awareness on the topic of food waste through various educational offers and materials and to inform about global contexts and impacts. Learners are made aware of their own possibilities for action and motivated to take their own actions in order to achieve the desired multiplication effect.

On the same weekend, an international barcamp of the foodsharing movement will take place at the SNJ centre in Marienthal, focusing on better cross-border networking and learning from each other. Participants from Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Austria will be there and later in the day also at the festival in Mersch.

Both events are supported by the Erasmus Plus programme of the European Union and the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.

For further information, please contact Foodsharing Luxembourg.

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Political demands against food loss and waste

Press Release Foodsharing Luxembourg, 21st March 2023

On the occasion of this year’s national elections and the urgent nature of the climate crisis, Foodsharing Luxembourg a.s.b.l. publishes demands on Luxembourg’s policy to combat food loss and waste.

“Around a third of all food produced worldwide is not eaten! [1]” says Michelle Kleyr, co-founder of Foodsharing Luxembourg, “The resources it contains, such as working hours, water, transport, etc., are also wasted.” This has devastating effects on the environment and climate. Daniel Waxweiler, co-founder of the association, explains: “According to the IPCC report of 2019, between 2010 and 2016 alone, food loss and waste were responsible for 8 to 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions.”

Michelle Kleyr points to the striking national situation: “In Luxembourg, according to the latest Eurostat figures, this corresponds to an average of 147 kg per person per year.[2] Two-thirds of these are generated at home, well above the already high EU average of 127 kg.” There are effective solutions along the value chain, many of which could be implemented relatively easily by politicians. Other EU countries, such as France, Italy, Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic, have already introduced legal measures against this. Daniel Waxweiler emphasises: “We urgently need an improved legal situation against food loss and waste in Luxembourg!”

Our 9 demands were published on our website in February and sent to environment and agriculture ministries as well as to all parties.

Several Luxembourg organisations have already expressed their public support for our demands. The list is constantly updated on our website.

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End of the Distribution Days project

We have some not so good news. Foodsharing Luxembourg on the 31st January 2023 made the hard decision that the Distribution Days will cease to operate. 

The Distribution Days project faced internal problems and according to EU legislation are classified as a ‘business’, which meant they needed to comply with food standard regulations, which were difficult for a voluntary-run association.

The Distribution Days lead people to believe the whole of Foodsharing Luxembourg is a charity. Our main focus is the environmental aspect of food loss and waste, and we don’t want to compete with the many established charities providing professional support. We understand this perception during these difficult times, however this was never our goal. Our long-term aim is to have laws tackling food loss and food waste, so that the amounts of food that are thrown away are dramatically reduced.

Also, the Distribution Days were not in line with their goal of distributing large quantities any more. The main reason is that some businesses have now dramatically reduced their quantities, so this food could easily be shared between Foodsavers. We as an association are happy about this reduction in food waste! 

We recognise the huge contribution of the Distribution Days. There has been a lot of energy, passion and time put into them. We would like to thank everyone helping out at or coming to Distribution Days for their contribution to our vision to make sure that “all edible foods in Luxembourg are consumed”!

Our Foodsaving project will take over picking up and redistributing the food designated for the Distribution Days. If you want to join us as a Foodsaver, register. Our next information sessions will be announced in the upcoming weeks and are open for everybody interested to become active in Foodsharing Luxembourg.

Foodsharing Point inauguration

Covered Foodsharing Point at Naturwelten with representatives
Covered Foodsharing Point at Naturwelten with Lucien Reger, Naturwelten, Daniel Waxweiler, Foodsharing Luxembourg, Franz Fayot, Minister for Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, et Gilles Dacheux, Frères des Hommes Luxembourg (better resolution) (by Eunice Sánchez González)

Today, the first public fridge, also known as Foodsharing Point, has been inaugurated in front of the shop Naturwelten, rue Auguste Charles 7, Bonnevoie, Luxembourg City. Co-funded by the Ministery for Cooperation and Humanitarian Action and Frères des Hommes Luxembourg in the framework of Education for Sustainable Development, the project consists of the provision of a publicly accessible fridge that serves as a food exchange point for private individuals. In fact, private households are responsible for 75% of food waste, for around 89 kg per person per year. This project starts here and is accessible for everybody around the clock.

Uncovered Foodsharing Point at Naturwelten
Uncovered Foodsharing Point at Naturwelten (better resolution) (by Eunice Sánchez González)

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