Panel discussion of the 28th September

Panel discussion at MicroAtelier, 28.09.2023, photo by Maria Endner

In the context of the national elections, we had a panel discussion on the topic of the fight against food loss and waste on the 28th September with the moderator Patrick Azevedo and the following guests:

  • Experts
    • Dr. Rachel Reckinger,
    • Estelle Flammang, on.perfekt
    • Svenja Zelder, IBLA
  • Representatives of the parties:
    • Jeff Boonen, CSV
    • Chantal Gary, déi gréng
    • Eric Weirich, déi Lénk
    • Luc Emeringer, DP
    • Olivier Bichel, LSAP
    • Josiane Engel, Piraten

As everyone agreed that more needs to be done, we hope for a legislative initiative in the next legislative period!

Many thanks for the participation of our guests, for the interest by the people in the public, for the co-organisation with our partners MICROTARIANS S.à. r.l.-SIS and natur&ëmwelt a.s.b.l., and for the financial support by the Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte!