First Foodsharing Point opened

Picture by Daniel Waxweiler

Foodsharing Luxembourg is proud to announce the opening of their first Foodsharing Point! A Foodsharing Point is a public place to share food from private to private person and usually consists of a fridge and a shelf. You can take what you want, and you can put inside what you do not need. You find it at the shop Naturwelten, 7 rue Auguste Charles, in Bonnevoie, in Luxembourg City.

Thanks to Naturwelten for providing us with the place and to Frères des Hommes for providing us with a fridge!

5 thoughts on “First Foodsharing Point opened”

  1. Is it only for fresh food? Can dry goods be given as well (non organic products)

    1. Mainly alcohol and meat are forbidden. While we are looking for a shelf to add to the side of the fridge, you can put dry stuff inside the fridge. Whether something is organic or not does not matter.

  2. Partager …
    Quelle excellente idée !
    Faisons preuve de solidarité et également de civisme de sorte à ce que cette belle initiative puisse perdurer, voire se multiplier.

    1. Thanks for asking! The shelf needs to be 33cm wide at maximum and 70cm deep at maximum. It would be nice to have doors to protect against (wild) animals, but this is no must.

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